Crankbait trolling depth chart

Crankbait trolling depth chart

But the lure dive curve chart IMO is inaccurate from my experience fishing in 8-10 fow. The Bandit 300 Series Crankbait is great for targeting bass and crappie. All of the data provided in or by this app is also copyrighted by Precision Trolling Data LLC. All Rights Reserved. This quick rundown will help you understand the differences in crankbaits for bass fishing and at the end of the article we'll share some of our best tips for mastering crankbait fishing for bass. Getting a crankbait to run where you want it, when you want it, is the key to successful crankbait use. snap weight 20 ft. The Bandit 300 Series Crankbait is constructed from high-quality plastics with a high-gloss finish in a variety of colors.

A crankbait’s depth is most influenced by the size of it’s lip. Whether cast and cranking or trolling the options offered with crankbaits can be as limitless as they are confusing. The G87 was born from the desire to have a crankbait that not only dives deep, but reaches its target depth quickly with minimal torque and ideal balance. Last week I had maybe 50' behind the board on Bago and caught fish in 15+ fow. "Write a book on crankbait running depths?" Romanack told me the tests showed that the single most important variable affecting lure running depth is how much line you have out (or how long a Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. , Dives from 2 to 5 feet The Series 4S features the same body design as the popular Series 4, but is designed for shallow applications. 6 The River Rocker’s curved profile and streamlined shape produce an exaggerated, wide rocking wobble that draws toothy strikes and runs true even during high-speed trolling.

He found that while trolling, you could raise the rod over your head as high as you could or put the rod in the water up to the reel and the depth the lure ran did not change by an inch. Perch, Walleye, Sucker, Firetiger, Golden Shiner, Shiner The Bomber Long A slender minnow jerkbait is a versatile lure that catches a variety of gamefish, and can be fished with a “twitch-twitch-pause” retrieve for bass, trolled for walleyes, salmon and others, and cast-and-retrieved at a slow, constant pace for trout and other species. S. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. FireLine, Suffix 832, PowerPro). Bromel, thanks for the chart, it is helpful. Basic rules of depth per color & incomplete charts lack accuracy.

These tools make trolling crankbaits for summer crappie much easier: a chart that plots depth, quality electronics and trolling rods. 0 your are not going to see a hill of beans of difference. "appropriate depth" is going to be right around the depth of the lake where you are fishing give or take -+1 foot. test monofilament. All About Planner Boards only pull the line off to the side of the boat but also get your crankbait down to the depth where the fish are holding. Ok, so I know the "trolling bible" and maybe a few other books out there list different lures, and depths they run at a given speed and line length. It covers 200 popular lures.

The B15J is 4. Today, Rebel manufactures the most-extensive line of realistic "critter" crankbaits and topwater lures for bass, trout, panfish, walleyes, and more. Typically when you think of trolling you’re thinking of crankbaits, and when it comes to which crankbait there are endless options. Walleye_Warrior is right in regard to using braided line – you don’t have to let out as much as mono due to the line density (typically it’s around 30% less but is depended upon the crankbait and the desired depth). Brad's Magnum Wiggler W-MW-021 Chrome/Chartreuse Bill (Crankbait) Item #52215 The Brad's MagnumWiggler series crankbaits are a 3 5/8" 3/4 ounce deep diver/floater plug using a two piece molded construction body for superior strength to meet the demands from the most avid fishermen. Precision Trolling combines 4 3 / 4 " Deep Bandit Walleye Lure in 10 colors to choose from. For that reason, thin-diameter “super-lines” are popular for both casting and trolling crankbaits (e.

This page has information on lure depths when fished on monofilament, braided, stainless steel and monel lines. 9 m Flat Rap ® 0. Each chart reveals how deep a particular crankbait dives when cast 40, 70 and 100 feet with monofilament lines that test 8, 10, 12, 14, 17 and 20 pounds. One of the crucial considerations in trolling is presenting the bait at the proper depth. Bomber Lures, makers of the Fat Free Shad, Model A, Long A and other fish-catching baits, began with an idea – a lure that dives deep, fishes quickly and comes through the thick wood cover of emerging Texas reservoirs. This is the 'PRO EDITION' with the waterproof pages. Series 4S - 9/16 oz.

Available in both size four and five, these baits are great to use all-year round casting or trolling! This lure was designed by world renowned lure builder Paul “Coot” Williams. If you troll at various speeds and the crankbaits are not working, switch to a lure which dives deeper. 95 View product Flash Shad Jerkbait $6. L. Paul has spend 1000’s of hours designing, testing and perfecting his baits. “Summertime Heat! No Crappie, or Small Crappie? – Crankin Up The Slabs” By Bernard Williams, Magnolia Crappie Club Nothing, I mean nothing beats a skillet full of fresh crappie filets fried up in the late summer Hyper Chart Jerkbait $6. Schooled walleyes roaming open water, either suspending or lying over open basins, are the reason an angler would switch from a jigging approach to a bait delivery system that would include planer boards, snap weights, and crankbaits or spinners.

For a typical crankbait that dives 15 ft. To maximize its effectiveness, always work the Depth Raider with a high rod angle, whether casting or trolling. . Thinner lines offer less resistance and allow baits to run deeper. Knowing certain of the variables is essential, and you'll need some equipment. Sizes: LRR3 – 2-3/8", 3/16 oz. 0 mph.

Thinner lines create less friction in the water while trolling, allowing lures and trolling gear in turn to reach greater depths. There are four factors that affect how deep a trolled lure will run: Lure design, boat speed, line diameter and the set-back all contribute to running depth. These baits are noted for their fish-enticing wide wobble and steep diving characteristics. g. Our mission at Reef Runner Tackle Company is to provide you, our customers, with the finest in original designs, paint finishes, hooks, and hand crafted quality - designed and tested in the USA We strive to make a better fish catching lure by using feedback from pro-staff, customers, and fishing ourselves whenever possible. Experimentation will help you find the right depth on any given day. You can also downsize to try and generate more strikes, and upsize to specifically target bigger bass.

Line diameter and line types also can vary the achievable depth. Beneath the surface in scuba gear, Holt noted the exact depth at which the crankbait passed the pipe. These hard-bodies lures come in numerous shapes and sizes, but they generally have a rounded body, two treble hooks, and a bill, which pushes the lure down, forcing it to dive. The best "known" chart is in your head. Bring in more fish into the boat today! Weight trolling is highly speed dependent! The depth bars shown represent the range of multiple measurements while maintaining the average speed indicated. Precision Trolling Data, LLC. 95 View product Baby Bass Crankbait $5.

95 View product Introduction to Crankbait vs Jerkbait bills (also called lips) When it comes to their bill, you will see that both the crankbaits and jerkbaits usually have bills. Versatile crankbait can be cast, flat-line trolled, or used with downriggers, but truly shines when used in fast-running waters. There are a few key elements to remember that will ensure success: Depth: the number one consideration is how deep will the bait run. Line is marked with different color, each ten yards in length. Add 1-2’ for a heavy lure, eg. Built to attack the thickest cover Hack Attack Pad Perch Musky Lures, Salmon Spoons and Muskie Baits from Slammer Fishing Tackle Company. I know at what length they hit bottom, and its alot different than that chart.

As with growing a tree, good roots are essential. “This is a pattern I’ve used for many years to put numbers of eating-size fish in the boat,” says Rapala Pro-Staffer James Holst. and have made controlled-depth trolling much easier for anglers who want to keep things simple and still catch their share of fish. ISBN 763558149958 2008 Last Printing. Extremely effective when used while night fishing for walleye off piers. ©2018 Outdoor Sportsman Group. “So make sure you try speeding up.

Precision Trolling: The Troller's Bible [Mark Romanack] on Amazon. Crappie Troll Tech Crankbait Downrigger Weight carries a crappie crankbait down deep and keeps it at a more constant depth. Shouldn't be much difference with same amount of weight. Whenever the lure collides with cover, immediately drop the rod tip, to create a momentary slack line. The advantage comes in the ability to target a wider variety of depth zones. Also, because Tadpoles are diving they have “bite” in the water. In the Musky Mike's book depths for non-crank bait lures like Bulldogs are given in 2 and 4mph speeds.

Most mfgs depth ratings are just a guide, and in my experience, on the optimistic side. Title: Trolling Rig Depth Chart Created Date: Hornet has not gained its reputation as the hardest working crankbait in the world for nothing! Millions of Hornets are in the hands of anglers in dozens of countries and every day they’re catching, helping anglers to fulfil their big fish dreams. Adding more weight, using lighter line, letting out more line and trolling slower helps you fish deeper. I looked at him like he had three eyes and then I said, "do you know how big the Internet is? Could you be more specific and tell me the web How to rigging chart fresh & salt water for Berlley plastic baits and hooks. The depth of presentation of the crankbaits is a coordination of variables including the amount of line out, working depth of the crankbait, and boat speed. Introducing the Rapala Scatter Rap® with New Evasive Action. Diameter of line being used will impact the running depth of crankbaits.

If you're chasing trophy muskies or pike we have custom baits to "show them something different". Rebel Lures began with a slender minnow lure made of plastic instead of wood, which provided consistent performance and durability. Its squared bill is very deflective. I grew up mostly fishing for crappie with a bobber, gold hook and a tuffy minnow. of extra weight increases the diving depth to 20 ft. Jigs are mostly used with bait (leeches, minnows, and worms), although hair- and grub-bodied jigs are effective as well. Of these variables, line diameter ranks as one of the most important.

They also turn over if they bump something, or a fish misses, and come to the top. 2 m MaxRap ® 0. Using snap weights there, is no limit to how deep an angler can fish his favorite crankbaits. Lure Depth Information. Hooked with 3 sharp black nickel trebles. Tiger Bass Muskie Pike Trolling Sea Lures Lot of 2 Crankbait Fishing Lures Dives to Depth of The Bandit Deep Walleye crankbait will troll down to 27 feet and is a great lure for exploring deeper water. When you add in the variables like line type, line dia.

In reality, your bait will be probably be running at a shallower depth than the max. Many factors like line weight & trolling or retrieve speed effects lure swimming depth. Casting depth is approx. Start in the deepest depth around the outside area of the weeds, and use enough weight to get the depth you need while trolling at higher speeds. Shad crankbait mimics a threadfin shad, the favorite forage for walleyes and bass everywhere they swim. When trolling for crappie, Muench likes the Bandit 100, 200 and 300 series crankbaits. 8 m CountDown ® 0.

9 m Ultra Light Minnow 0. Hand-tuned and tank-tested, anglers the world over count on Rapala fishing lures for consistent success. i was wondering if anyone knows of a website that has depth charts for crank baits. 5 mph and 2. Here is how to figure your depth useing Precision Trolling Data LLC owns a patent U. Without a doubt has improved my annual catch of Trout and Bass, proving to me a few feet in depth can make a difference. A good place to start is one of the Precision Trolling books that have dive curves for most of the more popular crankbaits.

Calculators and protractors may not be standard gear on an offshore fishing trip, but the calculation Trolling For Crappie Trolling for crappie with crankbaits is a great way to catch a lot of crappie in the summer. Hot Walleye Trolling Techniques by Rick Olson. Lead Core Trolling Tutorial On June 27, 2013 By Kirt Hedquist Doctor Sonar® Pro Staff Leadcore trolling, for me, has become a huge part of my fishing arsenal. 7,113,449 entitled “Marine Electronics With Lure Depth Analyzer” issued September 26, 2006 which prevents other companies/individuals from providing lure data on an electronic device. test line, also cast and retrieve to 12 feet. I think the key point to remember is that your crankbait will never exceed the max depth provided by the manufacturer. Rednek Catch'em Inline Trolling Weights.

The dive curve will show you how many feet of line to let out to get to a depth on the chart. Diving Depths - While performance will vary depending on line diameter and the length of line out, the following is a good general reference based on the use of 10 lb. This is critical or you will spend most of the day, cleaning off weeds and not catching many fish. During the last few years, I've grown to rely on the Crankbait Trolling Depth Guide by Mike McClelland. Crankbait Diving Depths. The action of a walleye crankbait by many avid walleye anglers is the most important for making the grade attracting walleyes to bite. 5" long and weighs 5/8 ounce with #4 Excalibur Tx3 Rotating Treble Hooks.

When using the 60-degree angle, multiply the depth of the fish by 2 to determine the amount of line to let out. For all my crankbait fishing, I always use 10-lbs. The unique action creates a "Flicker" thatimitates a fleeing baitfish. Quality hand made fishing lures, baits and fishing tackle for musky and salmon fishing. Trolling specialist Todd Frank puts a premium on pulling his baits through exactly the right depths, and he uses several specialized techniques to achieve precise depth control. This will add 33 percent to the baits depth going off of the depth chart. Changing hooks to a different weight will change the dive curve,adding bigger hook to the tail will cause more wobble and less depth.

I also included the Rapala Depth Chart from the Rapala website. It is no longer a secret that pulling crankbaits is a highly effective technique for tough-to-catch, warm-water crappie. Home | Colors | Sizes | Where to Buy | How to Rig | Depth Chart | Fish Grips | Contact Us Colors | Sizes | Where to Buy | How to Rig If you troll crankbaits you know how important it is to have your lure in the strike zone. The Depth Raider has been specifically designed for fishing around heavy cover such as weeds, sunken timber and rocks. Note that trolling speed and underwater currents vary the achievable depth. I guess they might have been suspended or we were trolling faster than normal. The Cotton Cordell Wally Diver is one of the legendary walleye lures of all time.

Depth charts are suggested depths for each size diver with prescribed amount of line let out and the line lbs test (line diameter influence). Let your inline weight out until it hits bottom, then figure your length out/depth by percetages. Lake Erie walleye trolling has come of age. Placing just a 1-oz. Weighs 5/ 8 oz. Seems way off when you compare it to bouncers we've been running. Shallow Diver: A shallow diving crankbait possesses the smallest lip in the lineup.

Trolling depth: 4 The DC-8 "DEFLECTOR" is the best-performing medium depth crankbait available today, and the vibration and "action" are among the all-time best in crankbait designs. " A deep-diving crankbait dives at a downward angle until reaching its maximum depth, then levels out for a spell before beginning its ascent toward the surface. Small changes in trolling speed can make substantial difference in depth. Patent No. Lure Dive Depth Chart Choose the right model for you TOP to BOTTOM How to choose the right Rapala to catch more and bigger fi sh. With our evolving technology Mark saw the need for this book to be more accessible to The Cotton Cordell C. Semi slowly let out the weight till you touch bottom.

Speed will affect crankbait depths but I'm talking from extremes here (slow to fast) at your crankbait trolling speeds of about 1. Brush piles in the spring and then a little drift fishing that helped get those suspended crappie that were scattered throughout the lake. Approximate trolling speed. Bandit Lures was founded in Mississippi in 1976 by Jim Winter, who launched a series of spinnerbaits at that time. The Crankbait Downrigger Weight consists of an 11-inch wire arm with a weight imbedded approximately two-thirds from the top. The first step toward full awareness of a crankbait is to understand how it dives and the path it follows, often called its "dive curve. This indicates the amount of line needed to achieve the desired depth.

Experimenty w/ more wts. + Items in search results 8" Jointed Depth Raider Joe Bucher Musky Pike Crankbait Chart Pikey 528-00025 I'd question their chart. IMO the best actions that exist in the crankbait world, be damned the target species, are the Rapala DT series from 4 to 20. Amount of line out, trolling speed and lure weight determine lure depth. Here at Team Rhino Outdoors we are all about Custom Musky Lures. The guide takes into account line strength and length and trolling speed. Prior to this ground breaking data, those anglers who fished crankbaits with in-line trolling weights were forced to calculate the diving depth of the lure based on the lead length and then add that number to the diving depth of the in-line weight being used.

Crankbaits are versatile baits that can target walleyes in all levels of the water column. I was telling a hillbilly friend of mine that I was trying to compile a crankbait depth chart listing the crankbait type and its respective depth. Simple trigonometry on the angle or your line entering the water would be deceiving given that the line flattens out underwater the more line you put out there. The lip's size, shape and angle are the primary, though not exclusive, design characteristics which determine one of the most important considerations in choosing a crank bait, running depth. com. Steven Holt. This is a simple online version of the Android app.

We offer some of the best fish-catching colors that Storm makes. The fundamental tool of Precision Trolling is the "Dive Curve". This Application will factor these and other variables to obtain the greatest measure of accuracy of lure depth while using lead core line. Precision Trolling Data LLC owns a patent U. He said theres one already made and it is on the Internet. Cranking/Jerking depth: 3-4 feet. Rigging Chart wit Link to Several Fishing Tips Rigging Chart --rig This can be used for our weedless style of lure with the single hook! This is the Absolute Best guide for attracting and landing trophy sized fish.

If you are fishing deep water and need to get down 20 feet with your crankbait, you will have to use line with smaller diameters, like 10 or 12 pound test. in front of your favorite crankbait increases the diving depth of that lure about 30%. It will generally dive 1 to 5 feet and is primarily used for very shallow water, weed-infested water or for fish that are high in the water column. To use these programs effectively: • Have the boat moving at the desired trolling speed before placing the lure or livebait rig in the water. I’m not quite following your example above. , 1-oz. Most of our fish were keepers (10-inch minimum length on Kentucky Lake) along with a few short fish.

The Shallow Walleye Bandit trolls to 12 feet, making it a great lure for exploring shallow- to medium-depth flats. 5 to 2. No crankbait box would be complete without a few Wiggle Warts in it. As if it All too often, anglers will get set up in a good area, have a good spread of baits out, not catch any fish and wonder why. Many lures come with a depth rating, but knowing the precise depth your baits are actually running can be challenging. etc there is no real answer. When Bass are feeding on schooling Shad this lure is a perfect ‘match’ to a natural baitball ‘hatch’.

My precision trolling book is in my boat which is still in storage. 5 mph Trolling Speed 1. but im a old time weight forward spinner guy and i made me some erie deries Crankbaits: A Guide to Casting and Trolling Depths of 200 Popular Lures [Mike McClelland] on Amazon. C. In essence, Precision Trolling is a sighting system for crankbaits and other trolling devices. Two sizes are available, the 2 ½-inch CD5 and the 3 1/8-inch CD6. Here's some data from "Precision Casting" published in 2000, which did actual underwater tests of casting and crankbait performance over a measured course of distance and depth observed underwater by a diver: Many guys buy into the fiction that 4-5 cranks of the reel get a crankbait down to max depth.

A number of variables influence how deep a crankbait or other piece of trolling gear will dive. Running Depth Is Key When Crankbait Fishing. You can even get them in different colors, but I use the clear ones. To use the chart just find the depth you want to run your lure on the left side of the graph and follow it over to where it falls on the dive curve and then follow that point down to the bottom of the graph and that will give you how much line you should let out to get that lure to run at that depth. A great swimming motion is #1 and this motion must be applied to the appropriate depth. Match the crankbait, line diameter, speed, length of line out to the depth that you want your crank bait to run according to the published dive curve and you’re ready to catch fish. "Watch that rod," Todd Frank said with a knowing smile, pointing toward one of four rods in his trolling spread.

The max depth is only reached with small diameter line, correct trolling speed, and lots of line out. 3-3. Factors Affecting Lure Depth Speed. Excellent for casting and twitching, but especially for trolling, this is the classic upon which the Grandma tradition was built. 12’ fluorocarbon leaders vs. billbo, I agree, speed and amount of line out are critical in determining depth accuracy. The speed of the water is the biggest single factor effecting depth.

99. 5 – 3 mph, and there are times when it makes a big difference. I believe that I have read that there is a point of diminishing return, that at a certain point too much line out does not allow the lure to go any deeper as it actually starts to "belly" and it becomes difficult to hook a fish which strikes as there is to much Trolling at Depth: It’s a Snap. The Ripshad 400 can be trolled to a depth of 20 feet on 10 lb. In 1980, Bandit exploded onto the crankbait scene with the 200 Series, which has evolved into one of the workhorse crankbaits in competitive and recreational bass fishing. 27' diving depth. Comes in 6 fish catching colors.

The 2" size dives 7 to 12 feet on a long cast. This lure is a favorite with anglers for its durability, price, and the ability to attract fish, thanks to its shape and wobble action. Find great deals on eBay for trolling depth chart rapala lures. We've made a steeper bill for deeper diving and improved our rattle chamber for an even better sound and an action like no Trolling depth estimator Calculate how deep you are fishing by entering your trolling speed, and your rig information. The action sought is a top-to-bottom roll maximizing the side flash that trigger walleyes to bite. "Grandma" has been copied by many companies, but the action has never been duplicated correctly. 95 View product Pumpkinseed Crankbait $7.

To use this simply add a 1 ounce Offshore snapweight 20 feet in front of your bait. Precision Trolling is a method of fishing that allows anglers to accurately predict the running depths of their favorite lures and diving devices!By manipulating lead length anglers can easily aim Whether your a musky maniac or a big water trolling pro, you will all have one thing in common: the great fish-catching power of the RSC-16 rattling Super CiscoTM. Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weights offer the trolling angler a simple and easy alternative to using traditional downriggers and divers to get lures down to mid level depths. The slim profile, irresistible rattle and deep diving lip make the Walleye Bandit a great call for casting or trolling. Recent Articles-- FISHING SHOWS -- 2 0 1 7 SCHEDULE Jan 17, 2017. Product & Service Reviews How's the new boat, depth finder, or that fancy new lure or gadget working out for you? Have you found the next new secret weapon or something not so great to tell us about - FOund a great website for gear? Please let us know! Since 1936, the fishing lures we carefully craft have lived up to this promise. Ripshad 400 Enticing action, unique design, more depth, and rock hard finishes, make this rattling shad bait heads and fins above the rest.

Designed by "Jake" Satonica in 1960, the Grandma Lure has excelled as one of the productive fish catching lures on the market. Made of high impact plastic, with a super strong Lexan lip, these lures are tough cookies. The figures above include 2’ of depth for a medium weight lure, 6 to 10 ounces and a 30’ mono leader. 3-1. This App insures depth accuracy for increase catch results. Pay attention to the size of any shad or bluegill you’re seeing and try to match the hatch. To purchase other lures individually is $1.

The Series 4 is great for medium depth, heavy cover applications and dirty water. 5 and you will start to see a depth difference Trolling depth charts Strictly Fishing. Open Water Trolling By Mark Brumbaugh and Bob Riege. Arkie's new 350 Series Crankbaits are bigger and better than ever! Trolling for Crappie and Walleye or casting for Bass, these will land you the keeper that you've been searching for. 14Lb F. i have a precision trolling book that is 2 yrs old and it doesnt include rapala deep tail dancers. The proven slender profile and tight wiggle make it a go-to for walleye anglers everywhere.

DEPTH CHART Depth in Feet 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 1. See Rapala Depth Chart High Resoution resistance affects depth and frictional drag when cranking or trolling a lure. Bass fishing crankbaits vary in size, shape, color, action, depth and more. Crankbaits can have lips Great for casting or trolling! Run?s down 4 to 5 feet when casting and will troll down to 14 feet @ speeds up to 4mph. A MoJo and subtract 1’ for a light lure below 6oz/ Fine-tuning as components change, eg. Measuring 4-3/4-inches in length and weighing in at 5/8 ounce, this slender trolling minnow is a favorite of walleye anglers around the world. Maker offers on wholesales hard plastic Crankbaits raning from surface swimmer to divers.

The Depth Factor. Trolling patterns that cover water and break down big locations with crankbaits often seem to dominate the walleye scene come mid summer. The 350 Crankbaits are a game changer. This is based upon field testing in a variety of conditions. Professional guides and tournament anglers lean heavily on this tactic during the summer months, due to both the consistency of the catch and the above-average size fish it Having a board that works at those slow trolling speeds is vital. Fishing presentations for walleyes run a gamut, but largely center on jigging, still-fishing or drifting with live bait, trolling with bait rigs, casting crankbaits, and trolling with plugs. Livetarget Threadfin Shad Baitball TSB65M804 2-1/2" 5/8 Oz Pearl/Grey (Crankbait) Item #216495 LIVETARGET’s radical and revolutionary Threadfin Shad Baitball Crankbait is an exciting new game changer.

I know nothing about trolling because I've never done it, but when casting a crankbait, rod position definately plays a role in how deep a lure runs. 15,506 likes · 145 talking about this. Depth Control. The chart also reveals each crankbait's diving curve and maximum depth range, using a 70-foot cast with 14-pound line as a baseline. Inline weights are trolling tools that let you present your bait at a variety of depths. Ripshad… carrying on the winning tradition. and take notes.

The erratic Scatter Rap® perfectly mimics a spooked baitfish fleeing attack. At one time I was strictly a live bait rigger, and unless I had a hunk of meat on a hook where I didn’t feel comfortable. According to the guys at Precision Trolling changing your speed will not change the depth a crankbait runs. This was accomplished by having Romanack troll past a buoy, from which hung a metered pipe. The main fishing line is tied directly to a loop at the top of the wire. 5 mph. any info would be great.

The design of the in-line Tadpole features a flat faced trolling weight with two coast lock snaps. How To Use: Determine the desired target depth. The Precision Trolling App would be a great addition to your fishing knowledge. Follow the reference line for that depth to find the best bar graph intersect for that speed. 3-0. The first way to gain extra depth from your crank is to use the “20 plus” method . They are especially helpful for catching fish suspended off the bottom.

This diving depth combined with the bait s top-quality construction make the 200 an all-time classic fishing lure. It seems that the chart could use trolling speeds added to it. The DLN is a quick diving crank with a reputation for attracting fish in a wide range of conditions. Quality lures made by the Tackle Industries company and not overpriced! Our innovations will help you catch your next trophy musky. Changing baits comes easy, but unfortunately many anglers don’t think to experiment equally with lure speeds. Typical crankbait trolling speeds are 1. Conversion: 10lb mono to 10lb Fireline is basically 25% more depth when using the F.

The 200 dives to almost 8 feet. In order to reach the walleye of the deep, a crankbait that will dive down to the desired depth where the fish lurk is imperative. Check out the 10 colors, then The heavy weight on the Mr. You drop your speed to 0. The DC-8 produces an ideal double or "skip-beat" body motion right at average, medium crankbait retrieve speeds and it easily makes the transition from lowest retrieve speeds to the Trolling+Lure+Depth+Chart | Topic: Trolling Lure Depth Guide (Read 3993 times) Portagee Wetline and lunky crankbait for dad I love fishing with Cap'n Tunafish Speed and amount of line out are major factors in lure depth while using lead core line. There is a crankbait of almost every color, size, and action possible, and it helps to have a large selection to be able to cover all the bases depending on the bite. I was a little surprised that suspended crappie would so readily hit a big crankbait built for bass, but hit it they did.

Choose the weight Buy the Strike King KVD Rattling Square Bill Crankbaits and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. Strike King Pro-Model KVD Square Bill Crankbaits are designed to the specifications of BassMaster’s Classic Champ Kevin VanDam. The technique that I use a ton is called the ” add it up” method. If going with, across, or against the current also has affect on the depth. The round lip makes it dive quick and true every time. Buy the Strike King Walleye Elite Banana Shad Crankbait and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. Roger, of Somerville, has added a new wrinkle to his Once you’ve got the depth and action right, the last thing you should consider when selecting which crankbait to throw is the profile and color.

Most trolling depth charts Discussion in 'Tips Crankbait Depth Guide chart plotter, or laptop. For the trolling charts, the only measurement necessary was the crankbait's running depth at a specific speed, with different lengths of line. Walleye and other predator fish love this slender minnow crankbait. A true marvel of lure engineering, the Duo Realis Crank G87 Crankbaits feature the most advanced crankbait design to ever hit the market. Over the past several seasons, lures and techniques have come to the forefront which produce consistent catches of large walleye throughout the traditional June through October season. Walleye may be found in a wide variety of depths on each given lake and river, hence, having a variety of shallow, medium and deep-diving crankbaits is your best option to choose. Not so.

Strike King Pro-Model KVD Square Bill Crankbaits - TackleDirect sells Strike King Pro-Model KVD Square Bill Crankbaits. so i fished Friday and Saturday ended up with 7 fish for 2 days running bandits do we have a depth chart for these i was assuming 100 ft back = 27 ft so say 50 ft back at 13 ft am i correct with the line out to lure depth we use big boards whats a good depth most of the fish were caught on the khaki and blue chrome. With a tight wiggle and a castable design, the jointed Long A is equally effective for walleye, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. This unwavering dedication to quality is the reason why Rapala makes 20 million fishing lures a year, sold in over 140 countries around the world. Driscoll ranges his boat speed on average between 1. , Speed-Troll Shad Raps For Eater Walleyes : Goose the throttle on your next fishing trip, and you’ll be lapping other anglers as you boat walleye after walleye. Reel Seat Screws Backing Out Save crankbait depth chart to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.

So you'll have to play around with your particular setup and line length to find their running depth, but once you do it's easy. Anglers can download the “free” Precision Trolling iPhone app as a sample to see both the “Dive Curve” chart and the “Depth Wheel” in action. "Precision Trolling," written by Mark Romanack, was developed in 1991 and considered the troller's bible for many anglers. Using crankbaits to target walleye can offer some of the fastest action on the water. Arguably the best walleye ice fishing lures, the crankbait can be used to fish in deep areas where other baits can’t reach. 9 Inch Crankbait. By doing so, you will improve trolling efficiency, avoid costly hang-ups, and add a new dimension to your fishing skills.

Treble coated epoxy sealed body crankbaits to prevent water seepage and scratches. Using a snap to attach the crankbait or lure will help make lure changes much faster and easier. 30’ mono can only be done through experience. Bill Shape, Angle and Size Determine Running Depth. 12-18 feet, trolling to 24 feet. Welcome to the home of Precision Trolling Data, LLC. 99 or the entire Version 1 collection of Dive Curves can be purchased for $49.

It depends on crankbait, speed, line out, current, line diameter, and type of line. test, monofilament line. i have checked rapalas site and very little info. Crankbait Pushing Depth Chart Some of you have been asking questions about pushing Arkie crankbaits useing trolling weights. To get the dive curves for the cranks that "you" use either use the internet or find a Precision trolling book to make your own sheets. Today Bomber Lures produces tournament-winning crankbaits and other lures that lead the industry. TOP BOTTOM LURE RUNNING DEPTH X-Rap ® Pop Topwater X-Rap ® Prop Topwater Skitter Pop ® Topwater X-Rap ® Subwalk ™ 0-1.

produces about 20% more depth than mono. When dealing with crankbaits, there are three main styles of lips from which to choose. Line diameter is important to get the most depth from your crankbait. Like all Slammer Crankbaits, the NEW 5 inch Shad is molded from solid leak and tooth proof high impact plastic with thru wire construction. Norman Lures produces a complete range of cranks and the Deep Little "N" is one of their most well known and widely used. Re: Crankbait trolling speed vs depth I haven't trolled crankbaits in a while, but wouldn't do so strickly based on depth calculation. Body measures 4-3/4" and weighs 5/8-ounce.

This 5- by 8-inch (12- by 20-cm) plasticized chart with a calculator wheel enables you to determine quickly how deep a crankbait will run. It is quite easy to set out one weight when at your trolling speed and direction. As fish pull out over deep contours or basins and in some cases suspend over open water, nothing beats a crankbait for eliminating water. chapters on crankbait trolling Arguably the best walleye ice fishing lures, the crankbait can be used to fish in deep areas where other baits can’t reach. For example, a lure will run to 12 feet on 10 pound test line. Think of line diameter as a form of depth control and use it accordingly to adjust depth within the limits of abrasion and the habitat of the species you are after. New For 2019 / Hack Attack Pad Perch.

Bandit 200 crankbaits may be the best crankbait for multiple species that you can have in your box. There are multiple factors that will affect your trolling depth, including line diameter, trolling speed, current, weight you are using, drag of lure/bait, etc. They come with a depth chart, but it's rated for, I think, 8lb line. Water soaking into wood lures over long use Company Mission Statement Our company's foundation is based on presenting products to the consumer that result in a more productive fishing experience by using the best materials available that are as eco friendly as possible. A fish finder with a speedometer (if money is a problem, an inexpensive speed estimator from Luhr Jensen can be hung on the gunwale, or some of us are good at estimating speed) and a line counter (Shakespeare, $12), or mark your line. The perfect bait for trolling for fish suspended off the bankline or in deep weed break lines. At 2 1/2-inches in length, the CC Shad dives to 8 feet on the cast, but dives all the way to nearly 20 feet when trolled on a long line, making it a tremendously versatile crank capable of targeting fish at a variety of depths.

The idea is to get a bait into a walleye’s dining room and keep it there as long as possible, thus increasing your odds for finding a few takers. Berkley® has worked with the Pros to design multiple sizes of FlickerShads to match the hatch. One of the most helpful tools for determining a particular crankbait’s running depth is the book, Precision Trolling by Dr. But unlike in nature, this one doesn’t get away. For a crankbait to get to its optimum depth it first must run perfectly straight,any directional change out to the side however slight will take away from its dive curve. Because the Tadpole dives like a crankbait, they reach much deeper depths on modest trolling leads than similar sized keel sinkers and other in-line trolling weights. Depths indicated are the range of depths that a lure family swims under optimum conditions.

For anglers casting lures, a drop in line Precision Trolling Data, LLC is an independent company that documents the diving depth of popular fishing lures such as crankbaits and also common trolling hardware such as diving planers and also sinking lines like lead core. crankbait trolling depth chart

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